Sunday, September 24, 2017

06th August 2017

Missions Group Report.

Last year we asked for an increase in your giving to Missions , as a result
we are grateful for the support of this church family which enables us to partially give to two missions overseas, and also support some home missions.
In the past 3 months approximately over $2,700 has come in, and now we are able to give regularly to Jennie and her work in Jakarta- also each month support is sent to John and Helen McMullin who are working with 'Marketplacers ' in India.

In May Jennie produced a' Poverty Game' for those brave enough to take part in on a Sunday afternoon. It was a taste of what life would be like in the slums of Jakarta, many of us were shocked at how devious we quickly became just trying to survive even in that make believe Poverty Game!
Thanks Jennie it certainly made us think and also thanks to all who came and joined in.
In a recent up date from John and Helen, their time in India is very challenging . They have been supporting the manager of Freeset fabrics - as he needed a well earned holiday, whilst at the same time they kept an eye on their team further south which meant Indian train trips up and down the country.
John continues working with a local man who wants to publish a glossary for the recently translated Kokborok Scriptures. It is a much needed resource.
Work continues with women who want a chance of freedom from slavery etc
John and Helen talk of being so inspired by the Indian believers, who have sacrificed so much to care for others, the way they have vision for their country, their compassionate prayer for their nation, their gratitude and their willingness to serve. A senior retired leader told them about the Spirits power at work , miracles and how people's lives have changed.

How good is all this.
John and Helen are grateful for our prayers to our Father who is at work in places even before they arrive there. Also for the support that we send.
They ask that as you remember them in prayer, they need strength, wisdom, language acquisition and discernment.
Let us not forget to prayer for those that leave their homes and families in this land to take the love of Jesus to those who have never heard the Good News as yet.


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