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When camping over Christmas I stood up holding Amber and my knee popped the wrong way. So for months it was swollen and sore, I couldn't bend over without stretching out my leg as it became hard to bend. One morning at church Iain shared about God healing lots of peoples knees so I went up for prayer at the end of church. Tamar prayed for my knee, I felt the Holy Spirit surround my knee and it got really hot. Since then I have had full movement in my knee, with no pain. In 2017 I had some pain while training for a 15km race, so at the women’s cell group I attend we all prayed -Thanking God for the healing over my knee, He had already done and declared the devil could not take away Gods healing. I was able to complete my race with no pain.

To this day I still have had no pain! Thank you Jesus. Carly


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