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Over 50 years ago and pregnant with our second child l was weeding the garden and somehow put my tailbone out. It was never right for years. So many years passed, all of our children grown up and married with their own children. We were attending Hope Church Hornby, a couple with a healing ministry from Tauranga came. He spoke into my injury so l went forward for prayer and l ceased to have pain. So wonderful. Years more after earthquakes - the stress of losing our house, renting, finding a new place to live as we couldn't rebuild, we all had to move. Discovering Oxford and building a new house here was a God answer to prayer.

We have been here six years now but a couple of years ago l started to experience twinges of pain again, and as l was about to go on a long plane journey l was concerned, sitting for long hours was going to be a problem so l went up for prayer. I felt the healing again and have since have had several long journeys where l had had to sit for hours, no more pain. Praise the Lord.


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