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Healings in Oxford

We would love to hear your testimony so If you have one you would like to share please send us a message from the link below

Hearing Restored

After years of problems with my hearing I finally asked someone to pray for my ears. A simple prayer was made and although I didn’t notice anything at the time, later that day while out for a walk I noticed I could hear cars from a long way away and everything seemed clearer. Later that evening I realised I could hear oncoming cars while driving, not realising that was even possible! The real test was in large gatherings where I often felt isolated from everyone as the background noise was so overpowering I was unable to even hear someone who was right in front of me. After a number of ‘tests’ with large family gatherings I am excited to report that I can hear fine and have even noticed that other people have problems hearing what is said when I don’t! Does God heal today? Yes, ask, seek and believe! Roger

Tooth healing

Early April I had a really bad toothache and went to the dentist to get it pulled .By the time I got to the dentist it had settled down and the recommendation was that I had a root canal, about $1800, or it could be pulled. The dentist said the infection had blown out the side of the gums so it would settle down without antibiotics and to come back when it’s gone. About two weeks later the infection came back again and I was really worried about getting it pulled just before I had to do a conference. I wanted to put it off. I was at a prayer group and they prayed for me. I put my tongue on where the infection was on my gum and I could feel it was really hot and Iain prayed for me and as he prayed the heat went completely out and my tooth was 90 per cent healed. It was just a little tender if I bit something on it that was hard and that’s all. It’s given me no problem whatsoever since then. Greg

Chronic Hay fever healed

Back ground: The hay fever I suffered was labelled extreme. Along with other medical help I had to double up on medication because just the normal dose didn’t give any relief.  I would also get chronic nose bleeds which required hospital level treatment to stop.  Our GP advised we sell and move off the farm which has been in the family three generations.  My final option was to stay indoors to avoid exposure, which effectively trapped inside during the summer months. 

I booked an appointment with the immunology department at Christchurch hospital, but in the mean time I received prayer for the hay fever at church and I knew something had changed.  So my test was to do the lawns, which would normally cause a severe reaction, but his time I had significantly less reaction. My appointment finally arrived at the Christchurch hospital.  Unfortunately, the test results read I was still symptomatic.  At that point my heart sank, I felt so disappointed to say the least, and came home with a suggested 3-year coarse of injections administered at hospital.  I decided not to go through with this as I still felt in my heart I had been healed.


It took some time to realise that God had healed me.  It was not instant, but a gradual one. Last summer I only needed to take 3-4 days’ worth of medication, which would normally be twice a day every day for the entire summer duration.  This summer I am looking forward to not having to take any medication at all.  Thankyou Jesus that I no longer have to stay indoors in the summer time.  Debbie.

Knee healed

In few years back I really damaged my knee at the skate park by smashing knee first into the railing there whilst scootering around.  My knee, had continued to ache, click in the joint and be painful when bending it.  It had been like this for a couple of years.  At Easter Camp, Iain offered to pray for it on the Sunday night.  He just said a simple prayer and all the pain just drained away!  It was amazing.  I could move around, bend it and there was no pain.  It’s been two years now and it functions just as normal with no discomfort at all.  Thankyou God.  John.

Back healing

In 1987 I went to Oxford Baptist Church to see Ken, a travelling evangelist with a healing ministry. We were all worshipping but neither Joy or I knew God yet . We sang 'Jesus take me as I am I can come no other way', that set my thinking free. Then Ken had some words of knowledge. I had a really sore back and was concerned as I needed to be physically fit to work a portable saw mill. People had responded to the words of knowledge then he asked everyone to keep their heads down. I refused and stared at him. I was about two rows from the back and had my arms folded. I was quite defiant. Ken pointed straight at me and said there is somebody here, a man, and they get a dreadfully sore back right down in the lower part of their spine, he turned side on putting his fist in the small of his back just like I did to sort it out. Ken said 'you sir, God is going to heal you where you stand'. I felt the Holy Spirit on me, I didn't know it was the Holy Spirit at the time, but I felt this overwhelming sense of love and fear and bewilderment all at once. Heat came down through my spine. The pain left immediately. I looked at my feet because I thought I'd actually come off the ground. My hands got so hot I thought something was wrong. I was freaked out. My back was healed, just as Ken said, right where I stood. Later that night I gave my life to Christ and so did Joy. Pastor Greg

Colour Blindness Healing

For the longest time our 7yr old son would get angry every time we talked about rainbows. But we never worked out why. One day when there was a particularly beautiful rainbow in the sky directly in front of the car, he got so upset. He kept saying that he couldn't see it. We just kept pointing out the direction and getting frustrated ourselves. Eventually he got so upset he admitted that he had never actually seen a rainbow. We went home and downloaded a colour blindness app and tested his eyes. He failed badly. He couldn't see hardly any of the colours. It certainly would explain some of his outfit choices!! We prayed for him over a period of a month as a family. We wanted him to experience God's creation in all its glory. After a month we just forgot about it. Then one day after a storm, he came running into the house nearly in tears. He was excited yelling that he could see a rainbow! I immediately sat him down and redid the eye test. This time he passed. The look on his face when he realized God had healed him is the best thing I have ever seen. Sarah, Sav and wee Alex

Hearing Restored

A couple of weeks ago Greg got Kylie to come up and share a testimony of deaf ears being restored that she was a part of while at Bethel. We were encouraged to pray for people with hearing problems. Years ago I had an ear infection that lasted over a month. Since then I have had decreased hearing in my left ear. Not bad but very annoying when there was a lot of background noise. I had a friend pray for me. At the time I experienced nothing unusual. However at some stage during the sermon, my left ear popped loudly. My hearing has been a lot clearer since. Sarah

Delivered from alcohol

Like a good Kiwi bloke I saw the benefit of speights beer from 14 years old. In my defense I only drunk when I was happy or sad or stressed or relaxed. It got to a bottle of wine a day and some single malt whiskey. It was becoming a problem for me and my wife Rebecca. Over time it got on top of me and I just really didn't know how it would end. It was a bit of a worry but like a good Kiwi bloke I ignored it and thought it would probably go away when I pass away. About 3 years ago I was at home during the day in the kitchen cooking with some worship music on and I was praying and worshiping and dancing a bit. I just felt the holy spirit come upon me or something happened. I can't really explain it to be fair. I wept and I wept and I wept some more and something happened and I didn't really know what. That day I didn't drink and the following day I didn't and I haven't for the last 3 years. What had happened was that the desire had left me. I still buy a bottle of wine for Rebecca but the amazing thing is that the desire to drink alcohol has just gone. God has delivered me of alcohol and its just really amazing and I feel so grateful and thankful and I think Rebecca is too. Matt

Shoulder Pain Healed

God is good! I had been dealing with pain through my shoulder that would wake me at night, ache whenever I was trying to relax and stop me from doing activities I love, on and off for years. I had been promised by God that healing would come but I needed to be patient. God started a work in my life bringing break through and deliverance from things I didn't realise had a hold on me. Then one night at prayer meeting someone had a word of knowledge about shoulder pain. I put my hand up with one other friend and we both received prayer. My friend received total healing and I was set free of a couple of spirits and my arm shot back behind me, my shoulder popped and there was instant relief!! Letting the Holy Spirit manifest released all of the pressure that was built up in my shoulder. I have not had issues with it to that extent again and if it ever starts to ache a little I claim that healing and it always improves. No matter how big or small your issue is, God has a way to go deeper and bring more freedom than what you ever expect. Tammy

Thyroid Gland

My sister, lives in South Africa, in a small country town where they recently took the medical center away.  The next closest medical facility was near Johannesburg, which is for a woman on her own not safe to drive at all.   During 2018 she fell ill and couldn't swallow her food.  Rather than seek medical attention, she just lived with it and got thinner and thinner.  She would puree everything or the food would get stuck in her throat and choke. She lived with this for most of 2018, and never told me.

I phoned her just before Christmas and she told me about her condition.  The next church service I went up for prayer to stand in for my sister.  The following week I phoned my sister again and she told me 3 days ago something moved in her throat and she is now able to eat properly again.  She said she is feeling great!  Glory to God.   

Brain tumour

The tumor was identified when I failed an eyesight test. The young optician thought I might have had a stroke and suggested I went to see my GP as soon as possible. I did and she quickly dismissed the idea of a stroke but said 'I think there might be something else at play here. I want you to have a brain scan'. That got me going...

I attended church on the following Sunday really wanted some prayer.  When praying, the phrase 'I am the master surgeon' was given.   From that day until the day of the operation I was flooded, completely saturated, in God's peace. I have never experienced anything like it in all of my life. I called it my peace bubble because I felt that peace was inside me and flowing through me and all around me and with that tremendous peace also came faith because I was absolutely convinced I had heard from the master surgeon. God himself was on my case and He was going to heal me.

However, the scan revealed that I had a tumour in my brain the size of a tennis ball. It was mammoth on the screen when we saw it and required surgery.  However, my peace and my faith seemed to increase. It didn't deter me in the slightest bit.   It was a 7-hour operation with 5 surgeons. Afterwards one of the surgeons said to my husband 'we are really pleased with how the operation went and we feel we have got all the tumour out'. We expected nothing less after all the master surgeon was in charge. They sent me home a week later with so many painkillers you could sink a battleship and I took one look at all of that and I thought boy I must be going to be really in for something but from that day to this day I have not had one headache!   I have had no tenderness or sensitivity at the back of my head, not one minute of discomfort in the whole time.


I had completely painless recovery. A few days later I had to go to the GP to have the staples taken out. Her exact words were 'oh my, very skillful' I said thank you master surgeon. Then the nurse took the staples out of the back of my head and she said 'you know older people tend to heal slower than younger ones but I'm amazed the wound has healed so well I can hardly even see the scar'. Again thank you master surgeon. Margaret

Neck Healing

June 2018 - My story is that for the last number of years, I have had quite severe pain in my body caused by a narrowing of the spinal cord in my neck, and where the nerve bundle goes through. And it will agitate the nerves and graze on them and cause pain throughout my body – through the narrowing of the bone. It was in my C5 – C6 vertebrae region of my neck. The pain was immense, and I could not cope even with pain tablets. The specialists and doctors put me on quite heavy pain tablets I had to take morning and night. I also had drugs to work against the inflammation of the nerves, to calm them down, so that they did not get into the loop of causing pain. I did not sleep well – only an average of 3-4hrs a night – which was not deep sleep. I became grumpy with people around me. It affected my work and relationships…


But when God walks into a situations and he changes things in your life – it’s amazing and you cannot keep quiet about it. A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference in Hanmer for Pastors and leaders (co-ordinated by Oxford Baptist), where there is just worship and we let the Holy Spirit flow and work in people’s lives – rejuvenate us and give us energy to continue in our ministry. During this time, there was a call for prayer for healing…I listened to the call – is this for me? Lord, do you want me to come forward? Our senior pastor behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said go forward – this is for you to go up…you need to go up. I felt, this is God’s timing in my life to touch me. I had this expectation, this excitement on the inside. It says in the Book of James – let the elders anoint you and pray for you to be healed….and I stood on that scripture. Lord today is the day I want to stand on it that scripture. I trust and believe you are a living God, you love me, want to heal me and change things in my life. To cut a long story short, they prayed for me, laid hands on me…I went back to my seat and I did not feel any change immediately. I was still under the sedation of some serious pain killers. That night I said, Lord I believe the work is done in my life. I am not going to take any of the painkillers that I should be taking. I went to bed, I woke up in the morning and I was absolutely pain free – I did not feel a thing! God is so good. When he walks into our life, he changes things, your life cannot be the same when He walks into your life.


Jan De Lange, Pastor Rangiora Baptist Church.


Postscript: I was booked for surgery, and so I carried on and kept the surgeons appointment. They took further scans and when the surgeon discussed the results with me, he said they must have the wrong scans, as the one I am looking at here is the neck of a 40-year-old. And the scans taken previously of my neck are the scans of an 80-year-old neck. Obviously something is wrong. I shared with him my testimony. He was a bit surprised to hear that prayer made the difference. No surgery was necessary! Six months on my neck is fine.

Sight improvement

​Even though I wear glasses I still couldn't see properly, lots of numbers looked about the same, couldn't read road signs until I was next to them, couldn't read number plates.  One evening Rhiannon had a healing of her eyesight so I went up for her to pray for me.  My eyesight improved in clarity but I still need my glasses.  Clearer vision is huge for me as I have struggled for years with sight issues.  God is so good.  Anyway all in focus now and its all good these days!  Jill.

Sight improvement

The Sunday after Rhiannon had her eyesight healed (see below) I went forward to pray with someone and my eyes changed and came into clearer focus. It was a sovereign move of God rather than through prayer. Wow, God is good. Ross

Eyesight healing

I was told I had the long-sightedness of a 60 year old (I'm 20). I wasn't able to focus for more than a couple of minutes when reading, writing, watching a screen or even talking to people. Because of this inability to focus I had worn glasses for the last 5 years. It was at a worship night in March this year that I was unable to focus on my music & was getting more & more frustrated at my inability to see & read the music. I stepped down off the stage and asked for prayer. As I was asking for prayer I heard God say "you need to refocus your inner vision before refocusing your physical vision". So I received prayer for my inner vision - that I may see myself the way God sees me. I experienced awesome breakthrough! I was then prayed for for my physical vision. The first couple of times there was no change, but on the third time, there was a shift. I was reading through a passage in the Bible to see if there was any change and as I read my eyes came into focus - like a camera coming into perfect focus. It has been 8 months & I have not had to wear my glasses once! I have been able to read, write & follow my worship music freely! The thing that struck me the most in this awesome healing is that God wanted me to deal with my inner vision first and that this was then reflected outwardly! God is good. Rhiannon

Teeth healing

One day I had a massive crash on my scooter. I wrecked my face including my teeth. I chipped one tooth and cracked the other. They were booth loose. I had to leave school and go to the dentist. The dentist checked my teeth and took x-rays of it and said he would have to do a root canal on both my front teeth, or at worst they would need to be removed. I was not looking forward to it. At church the next day everyone prayed that it would be healed. I went back to the dentist not long after that for a check up. He checked my teeth again with a confused look. He then said..........THERE IS NO CRACK. I went back and told everyone what God had done. Teeth cannot actually heal on their own. Its now been over a year and I have not had any pain, and my teeth have not required any dentist work. Ariana.

Shoulder healing

A number of years back I was mountain biking around McLean’s Island mountain bike track at night. I had an accident where I flew over the handle bars and narrowly missed hitting my head on a tree by twisting my body out of the way. Rather than hitting the tree with my head, I hit if with full force on the top of my shoulder. It was so painful that I could not lift my arm. I had to walk back to the car and drive home one handed. I went to A&E and they x-rayed it, and said I had fractured it and pushed the collar bone apart – such was the impact. They no longer operated or put shoulders in plaster, they simply sent me home with pain killers to let it heal naturally. A year later, my shoulder was still not right. It would click and feel like it was going to pop out when putting pressure on it – like doing press-ups, or lifting things. One Sunday I went up for prayer at church. People prayed, and it was completely healed – no clicking, no soreness or feeling like it was going to dislocate when under stress. It is now better than my left shoulder which has never been injured! Thank you Lord. Iain.

Back healing

On Sunday the 21st of October 2018 I came up for an altar call, I can't remember the exact call but I went up for prayer around a critical heart, anyway Iain prayed for me then he asked was there anything else. I said well my back's a bit sore , so we prayed on it. During the prayer both Iain and I felt quite a bit of warmth and I felt the Holy Spirit flowing through me, on that first time it didn't feel too much different, so we prayed again, it felt a bit better so I was ok with that. BUT that was only the start of something wonderful, a miraculous healing of my lower back!


To better understand this you need to know the background story of my pain. It started in Wyoming USA in 1990 when I was shearing over there, around February/ March. One night after work with it snowing and me drinking I was heading back to the mobile home we were living in, and as I stepped across the footpath and went to step to the road I stood on some unsupported snow and slipped sending a shock up my spine. Following this I went to sleep in the Winabago, sleeping above the seating area I had my back to the wall blocking off the air flow and allowing the cold to come into my back over night. I awoke to find as I jumped out of bed and fell to the floor that I could no longer walk or move faster than a snail. I tried to get a physio appointment but every time I organised one I ended up 300 miles away by the time it came up. In the end to relieve the pain of staggering back and forth to the shearing trailer ( strangely enough I still had the ability of being able to shear just not walk lol ) I got two of the guys to hold my legs while I hung upside down over a gate and twisted side to side this seemed to do the trick. After this event my back gave me trouble whenever I did something that strained it. I had become able to keep it under control by controlling what I did and by keeping my back and gut muscles toned, although jobs like concrete placing where I was doing something not usual to my standard work or anything that involved standing still for more than two minutes sent me home feeling as if I had a bunch of needles stuck in my back.


Now two weeks after the healing 3rd of November I have tormented my back by standing around at my daughters school sports, this would have been unbearable, yet no pain, then coming home to shear 11 of our sheep, also no pain, the next two days I went to town and began jack hammering and wheel-barrowing concrete to the truck then throwing it on the truck by hand, still no pain in my back.


Praise the Lord Lindsay

Knee healing

I had hurt my knee and couldn't walk on it or bend it. I spent three days in pain not able to walk. The doctor came and sent me to hospital. They said I had done soft tissue damage and gave me crutches and pain killers and told me to stay off it for two weeks. I was worried because I work for myself and had a lot of work on Monday. My wife Carolyn and I prayed and she said there will be something at church for you.On Sunday Ella stood in front of church and said there is someone here with a very sore knee. So I went up and she prayed for me.On Monday I didn't need crutches and completed my weeks work. Thank you for listening to God Ella and thank you God for the healing Phil

Knee healed

When camping over Christmas I stood up holding Amber and my knee popped the wrong way. So for months it was swollen and sore, I couldn't bend over without stretching out my leg as it became hard to bend. One morning at church Iain shared about God healing lots of peoples knees so I went up for prayer at the end of church. Tamar prayed for my knee, I felt the Holy Spirit surround my knee and it got really hot. Since then I have had full movement in my knee, with no pain. In 2017 I had some pain while training for a 15km race, so at the womens cell group I attend we all prayed -Thanking God for the healing over my knee, He had already done and declared the devil could not take away Gods healing. I was able to complete my race with no pain. To this day I still have had no pain! Thank you Jesus. Carly

Tailbone healing

Over 50 years ago and pregnant with our second child l was weeding the garden and somehow put my tailbone out. It was never right for years.So many years passed, all of our children grown up and married with their own children. We were attending Hope Church Hornby, a couple with a healing ministry from Tauranga came. He spoke into my injury so l went forward for prayer and l ceased to have pain. So wonderful. Years more after earthquakes the stress of losing our house, renting, finding a new place to live as we couldn't rebuild, we all had to move. Discovering Oxford and building a new house here was a God answer to prayer. We have been here six years now but a couple of years ago l started to experience twinges of pain again, as l was about to go on a long plane journey l was concerned, sitting for long hours was going to be a problem so l went up for prayer. I felt the healing again and have since have had several long journeys where l had had to sit for hours, no more pain. Praise the Lord.

Eczema and food allergies healing

From a baby Lilly had eczema caused by food allergies. No one could sleep as her mum had to hold her hands to prevent Lilly scratching and that woke everyone up.When she was about 2 years old her mum took her for prayer. Greg fetched her dad as it is powerful when parents are in agreement. Greg prayed for Lilly and had a word that encouraged the whole family. Lilly's mum then dreamed she was at the front of the church praying for Lilly and crying. The next Sunday her mum took Lilly to the front of the church for prayer ( just like the dream). People prayed for Lilly and in the week following the eczema dried up and underneath was white skin which gradually blended to Lilly's normal skin colour. At the same time that the eczema was healed all the food allergies were healed. Theresa

Kidney testimony

My kidney failed and I was on dialysis. Maurice prayed for me each Sunday for 2 or 3 years. Then in October 2012 I got a phone call to say I could have a kidney transplant. This was amazing as the blood has to match and there are about 600 people on the waiting list and it is very rare to get a kidney. Praise God. Now 6 years later my life is so much better because of the new kidney. God is good Cecili.

Verrucas and wart healings

Hannah had a verruca.Greg prayed for her and Hannah felt better. A week later it fell off and skin grew over the hole. Abby had 3 verrucas on one foot and 2 on the other. They were big ugly things. People prayed for about 3 months then they turned black and dropped off one by one. Tessa had one verruca on the side of her foot. Prayed for a month then the verruca went. Lilly had one verruca on the tip of her toe. Prayed for 3 months and then it fell off. Theresa had a wart on her finger. Prayed for a month and then it fell off. Prayer was the only treatment used on the verrucas and warts...

Baby Testimony

After Phil and I got married we decided after a year that we wanted to start a family, but 18 months went by and there was no baby. So I had a blood test and it showed that I wasn’t ovulating and we decided to go through the fertility system to see what was going on. In the meantime I came to a Women’s Connecting night here at church and we got into groups to pray for each other. I mentioned how we wanted to start a family and as people were praying God moved very powerfully as I let go of a few things from the past. Amanda said I really feel God wants you to know that you will have children. I felt the power of those words so strongly I cried a river. Karen felt a sense of joy and knew God had children for us. Raelene also saw eggs in a basket, and funny that they were eggs because in my next blood test I was ovulating again. No medication, nothing except the power of prayer. A few months went by and they monitored me. Then early in December 2014 the kids ran part of the church service here and some of the kids had words for people in the church. A wee girl named Bridget had a word that there was someone in church having trouble having a baby. I knew straight away it was for me and my eyes were stinging with tears as I went up there and people laid hands on me . I don’t know what God did but he did something amazing and I couldn’t quite stand up properly.


After Christmas and New Year I started to feel sick and thought I’ve really got to stop eating pies and chips. This went on for a few weeks and then one night I was praying in faith, thanking God for our baby that was going to come this year in 2015. Then I heard God say “You’re pregnant now, it’s here now” I told Phil and he wasn’t much more convinced than I was. Then the next day Phil and I were out working and I burst into tears and said I really feel like God’s saying I’m pregnant. So I had a test the next day and sure enough it was positive. I was praying not long after that and felt God say our baby was going to have the gift of faith, and then suddenly a light bulb went on and it was clear that Faith was the name God had for our baby. I also had a very strong desire to have a girl. Before we had the gender of the baby confirmed, our niece said to us one day at a family gathering “you guys are having a girl and are going to call her Faith” So we knew that was confirmation. And yes we did had have a girl and name her Faith. When I worked out the dates of the pregnancy, it happened right after Bridget had the word for us in church. We have since had twin boys so I am well and truly healed! Praise God.

Carolyn & Phil.

Healed from hay fever

For several years my son and I have suffered from, at times quite severe, hay fever. After hearing a testimony about allergies being healed during the service a year ago we went forward for prayer. Since that time neither of us have had symptoms of hay fever despite last spring/summer being hot and dry with a lot of pollen in the air. We praise God for our healing, and recently had the privilege of praying for a number of church members after giving our testimony during a service - Andrew and Caleb

Feet healed

Several months ago I was getting occasional stabbing pains in my feet. They occurred randomly while I was dancing, watching TV or trying to sleep. I went up at the end of a Church service and asked for prayer. God healed me and I haven’t felt another painful stab in my feet since, not even while dancing. Judi

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