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Newcomers' Evening

We hold Newcomers Evenings three times a year. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to meet the pastors and leaders of the church and to hear more about the vision of Oxford Baptist Church through an informative presentation over the course of an evening.

Discover More
Discover More

Alpha Course

Alpha is an 10 week course where people get to explore their questions of life in a relaxed and hospitable way.

Each night around a table a hearty meal is devoured and enjoyed, then a short DVD presents a faith perspective that prompts natural conversation about our questions of life.  Please contact the office below if you or yourself and a friend or family member are interested in exploring.


At Oxford Baptist we love to see people get baptised! It’s one of the most important things we do as a church and celebrate. Put simply, we love seeing people going deeper in their relationship with Christ and of belonging to this community of faith at Oxford Baptist.
If you’ve made the decision to be a follower of Christ, then baptism is the next step. Baptism is when you make a public declaration of your faith in God. It is a way to join the family of believers and often is a time when people have a significant encounter with God.   Often prophetic words are given which are very significant.  At Oxford we believe it’s an important part of the journey of transformation with God. So, if you are thinking about baptism, we encourage you to talk it through with one of our pastoral staff or other leaders. Come on, what are you waiting for? Look forward to chatting with you.

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