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Small Groups

God is moving in amazing ways in Oxford Baptist Church and in the community and region surrounding us. At times we feel we can't make a difference as individuals, but together with others in a 'Small Group' we can! That's the awesome power of community.Discovering the purpose for which God placed us on Earth does not just happen! Nor do the Bible teachings automatically become part of our lifestyle or community. Learning and growing, serving and loving, worshiping and giving, and prayer, are all part of the Small Group dynamic which creates an environment in which all these aspects have the opportunity to flourish and we can truly experience biblical community.

Contact office to discuss group options.



Women's group with Ruth Booth  -  Wednesday 10am (fortnightly)

Men's group with Paulo Moreira  -  Thursday 7.30 (fortnightly)

Parents group with Rachel Ford  -  Friday 10am (fortnightly)

Dad's group with Roger & Tim  -  Friday 7.30pm (fortnightly)

Twenties + with Tim & Olivia Livermore  -  Tuesday 7.30pm

Mixed group with Ben & Tammy Pfahlert  -  Tuesday 7.30pm

Mixed group with Colin & Jan Spary  -  Tuesday 7.30pm

Mixed group with Beth & Ross Millar  -  Wednesday 7.30pm

Mixed group with Warren & Hester Quinn  -  Wednesday 7.30 (fortnightly)

Mixed group with Graeme Brown  -  Thursday 7.30