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After Phil and I got married we decided after a year that we wanted to start a family, but 18 months went by and there was no baby. So I had a blood test and it showed that I wasn’t ovulating and we decided to go through the fertility system to see what was going on. In the meantime I came to a Women’s Connecting night here at church and we got into groups to pray for each other. I mentioned how we wanted to start a family and as people were praying God moved very powerfully as I let go of a few things from the past. Amanda said I really feel God wants you to know that you will have children. I felt the power of those words so strongly I cried a river. Karen felt a sense of joy and knew God had children for us. Raelene also saw eggs in a basket, and funny that they were eggs because in my next blood test I was ovulating again. No medication, nothing except the power of prayer. A few months went by and they monitored me. Then early in December 2014 the kids ran part of the church service here and some of the kids had words for people in the church. A wee girl named Bridget had a word that there was someone in church having trouble having a baby. I knew straight away it was for me and my eyes were stinging with tears as I went up there and people laid hands on me . I don’t know what God did but he did something amazing and I couldn’t quite stand up properly.

After Christmas and New Year I started to feel sick and thought I’ve really got to stop eating pies and chips. This went on for a few weeks and then one night I was praying in faith, thanking God for our baby that was going to come this year in 2015. Then I heard God say “You’re pregnant now, it’s here now” I told Phil and he wasn’t much more convinced than I was. Then the next day Phil and I were out working and I burst into tears and said I really feel like God’s saying I’m pregnant. So I had a test the next day and sure enough it was positive. I was praying not long after that and felt God say our baby was going to have the gift of faith, and then suddenly a light bulb went on and it was clear that Faith was the name God had for our baby. I also had a very strong desire to have a girl. Before we had the gender of the baby confirmed, our niece said to us one day at a family gathering “you guys are having a girl and are going to call her Faith” So we knew that was confirmation. And yes we did had have a girl and name her Faith. When I worked out the dates of the pregnancy, it happened right after Bridget had the word for us in church. We have since had twin boys so I am well and truly healed! Praise God.

Carolyn & Phil.


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