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Late last year (2020) around this time I hurt my left elbow after I’ve done 1 night of painting in our house. I remember it being uncomfortable, and then growing to becoming very painful. I thought it would just go away on its own one day so I just left it, but it just got worse and worse. I started having limited movement in my left elbow, and every time I tried to reach something it was painful. But I just kept on enduring it hoping it will go away. Around early February this year we moved in to our new home and it deteriorated to the point that it affected my performance at work. As a hairdresser I constantly use my hands and I noticed I was struggling to hold the hairdryer and when I get home I struggled to reach the food in the pantry. I remember it was Friday and I said to Kyle I need to go and see the doctor for my elbow. In my mind I was thinking I would probably need surgery.

On Sunday night Greg came round to our house and I told him about my elbow and that I will need to see the Doctor. Greg asked if he can pray for it, so he did. The next morning I got the kids up and sat them at the table and I opened the pantry to grab a box of cereal using my left hand (I’m left handed by the way) and then I went to the bathroom wash my hands. I looked in the mirror, and was shocked when I realised my elbow was healed. I went back to the pantry and pretended to grab the box of cereal and there was no pain! My elbow is completely healed and hasn’t bothered me since then.

Thank you God that you healed my elbow and I get to share how amazing you are.


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