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When I turned 30 I began getting incredibly debilitating migraines at least once a month. I would be in bed all day sleeping it off, have to miss work, and I was trying to study towards my teaching degree. I remember being in block course and running to the toilets every few minutes to throw up. I spent my 31st birthday on a drip at the doctors dehydrated with a 2 day migraine. I tried every migraine med that I could safely take, many with side effects I wasn’t prepared to live with. After a year of trial and error, I came off all the meds and just dealt with these migraines the best I could. They would often happen suddenly, and I would be attempting to parent 4 children and organise their days whilst laying down on the couch with a towel over my eyes as the brightness hurt so much. I had been debating getting prayer for a long time, but I don’t like asking for help, so had put it off time and time again. One Sunday I was desperate to put an end to them and I just did it. Greg and Marie prayed for me, they broke off the generational curse of migraines and anointed my head with oil. I went home, praying for the best, and thinking only time would tell. The next time I was due a migraine, my head was 100% fine. My vision didn’t go ‘wavy’ but my stomach still acted as though my system was in a migraine. I put 2 and 2 together and realised what was happening - I hadn’t asked for prayer on my stomach for my migraines. I knew God had already healed my body from them, so I claimed that healing down through my body for my stomach as well. There was no way God had not healed me from these migraines, and I felt authority to bring this healing on the rest of my body. That was the last symptom of a migraine I have ever had - just under 2 years ago. I got to finish my teaching degree in peace! Katie


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