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Back ground: The hay fever I suffered was labelled extreme. Along with other medical help I had to double up on medication because just the normal dose didn’t give any relief. I would also get chronic nose bleeds which required hospital level treatment to stop. Our GP advised we sell and move off the farm which has been in the family three generations. My final option was to stay indoors to avoid exposure, which effectively trapped inside during the summer months.

I booked an appointment with the immunology department at Christchurch hospital, but in the mean time I received prayer for the hay fever at church and I knew something had changed. So my test was to do the lawns, which would normally cause a severe reaction, but his time I had significantly less reaction. My appointment finally arrived at the Christchurch hospital. Unfortunately, the test results read I was still symptomatic. At that point my heart sank, I felt so disappointed to say the least, and came home with a suggested 3-year coarse of injections administered at hospital. I decided not to go through with this as I still felt in my heart I had been healed.

It took some time to realise that God had healed me. It was not instant, but a gradual one. Last summer I only needed to take 3-4 days’ worth of medication, which would normally be twice a day every day for the entire summer duration. This summer I am looking forward to not having to take any medication at all. Thankyou Jesus that I no longer have to stay indoors in the summer time. Debbie.


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