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I have been waiting for a reverse shoulder replacement since last October. Since January 2019 I have been in constant pain and in October also lost the full function of my right shoulder. I couldnt even spread bread without causing pain, everything that one does in the course of a day was now out of the question. Where as at first I wasn’t looking forward to such a big operation by October I was eagerly looking forward to it. Two weeks before lockdown I received a wonderful and complete healing from the Lord Jesus.... to be honest I was lost for words and felt almost in a daze realising that for a long time there was not a trace of pain. Since then I have engaged in all the normal household duties, gardening, sleeping on my right shoulder, and much much more-and did not requirie pain killers to help me through incredible pain. The diagnostic tests, and the MRI showed that my injury was totally unrepairable, nothing that a surgeon could work with, irreversible damage. I have had prayer for my shoulder over the last few years and my family have prayed with me as well. I feel so humbled that I have received such a blessing to make my life normal again. At first and to some extent even now I feel almost in shock. That’s what I mean by lost for words, I am totally in awe of our all powerful, ever loving God and Saviour. My mind says why now and not at the beginning of this. I simply do not have an answer and I don’t need to have one either. All I can say is I thank the Lord for allowing me to experience his absolute total healing and am so grateful that it is by faith we are saved and nothing that He does for us can ever be paid back, it is all by His grace. ACC sent me a letter two weeks ago confirming surgery could go ahead. I have told my surgeon that I do not need it because Jesus has taken my pain away and given me full use of shoulder. You will want to know what the reply was..... it was “thats great I’m so pleased for you”.



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