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For a year and a half I had right side sciatica and nerve pain which has impacted my ability to stand up straight comfortably and has caused me significant pain at times including time off work.  My profession as a nurse requires me to be on my feet for hours at a time, and I had growing concern that over how long I would not be able to continue in my role.  I had regular physio and exercises to strengthen my back.  He commented that I would need physio input for the rest of my life.


On Sunday morning April 23rd 2023, I felt challenged to go forward for prayer after the service.  I was a visitor that day from Nelson and my cell group had been studying the story of the Syrophoenician women (Mark 7 25-29). This is a story of faith and persistence. I had been practicing 'persisting' in asking and believing for healing.  I had previously been prayed for and at times struggled to believe God was going to heal me as I there was no evidence of change.  But recently I have chosen to work at having an attitude of faith and to believe God would answer those prayers.


On this morning, I decided to go forward again in order to 'persist' in asking God for healing.  A few people gathered to pray.  I did not feel anything physical during the prayers, but it was spoken over me that God would heal me and that he wants to strengthen my back in the spiritual sense as well as physically. 


I have not had sciatic or nerve pain since.  During my next physio appointment, the physio said he was very surprised how well my back was moving and the following appointment he said that there is no need for further regular appointments.  That was over a year ago!  Thankyou Lord.



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