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I have always suffered from sensitive, eczema prone skin. As an adult I had gotten pretty good at managing it. But last year I had the worst flare-up of my life. I was covered from armpits to knees in rashes. I was unbearably itchy and would scratch until I was bleeding and crying. I tried all the remedies I knew of, and nothing helped. Eventually I went and got some steroid cream. Because I had relied on it so much when I was younger and I was afraid of the long-term effects, it really was a last resort. But when I was about it open it, I felt something check me, and I decided to put it in the cupboard for one more day. The next day I went to a prayer meeting and I shared about my struggle with the eczema. People laid hands on me and prayed. Someone called my eczema a ‘cloak of death’, and in that moment I realised how much I hated it, but also how much God hated it too.

I was desperate for healing but struggling to believe it could be for me. Then the prayer shifted to breaking off of false burdens and responsibilities. As a child I’d had some bad things happen in my life, and I had blamed myself for these things. And even as an adult whenever anything bad happened, I would go back into that place of trauma and find a way to blame myself for it. Because of this I was carrying a lot of guilt and shame, and deep down I really believed I was worthless and unworthy. But as people prayed for me, I could feel the guilt lifting and the healing in my heart. Afterwards I felt light, and free. I went home at looked at the steroid cream, but again something checked me. It was almost as if God was asking me to give him a chance. So, I left it, and the next day my eczema was marginally better. The day after it was better again. Two weeks later it was completely gone. And as of today it hasn’t come back. I still have the scars from it. But the scars I had been carrying in my heart; it’s like they were never there.

As of April 2024, I have been 6 months completely free of all eczema!



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