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​Early April 2019 I had a really bad toothache and went to the dentist to get it pulled. By the time I got to the dentist it had settled down and the recommendation was that I had a root canal, about $1800, or it could be pulled. The dentist said the infection had blown out the side of the gums so it would settle down without antibiotics and to come back when it’s gone.

About two weeks later the infection came back again and I was really worried about getting it pulled just before I had to do a conference. I wanted to put it off. I was at a prayer group and they prayed for me. I put my tongue on where the infection was on my gum and I could feel it was really hot and Iain prayed for me and as he prayed the heat went completely out and my tooth was 90 per cent healed. It was just a little tender if I bit something on it that was hard and that’s all. It’s given me no problem whatsoever since then. Greg


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