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I have had a strong allergy to dairy since being pregnant with James (5 years ago). It was be so bad, that it got to the point that if I had milk in my milo I would be in incredible pain the next day. I settled on the fact that I just wasn’t supposed to have dairy and started to use alternatives... it was incredibly hard though as I do love a good cheesecake, ice cream and chocolate milk! 😂 I had almost given up hope when then I heard John testify about his hay fever healing and how he also felt like giving up. I was not able to make it up for prayer because I had our three kiddies stuck to me, so I just prayed where I was and asked God to make a way and give me breakthrough where I stood. I didn’t think about it again until I realised I had eaten a heap of ganache and buttercream icing and cream cheese and didn’t even realise I had absolutely no reaction! It’s been 4 weeks now and I have had absolutely no discomfort or pain. I have put it to the test too by having LOTS of cheesecake!! 😁 Thank you Jesus!!



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