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In 1987 I went to Oxford Baptist Church to see Ken, a travelling evangelist with a healing ministry. We were all worshipping but neither Joy or I knew God yet. We sang 'Jesus take me as I am I can come no other way', that set my thinking free. Then Ken had some words of knowledge. I had a really sore back and was concerned as I needed to be physically fit to work a portable saw mill. People had responded to the words of knowledge then he asked everyone to keep their heads down. I refused and stared at him. I was about two rows from the back and had my arms folded. I was quite defiant. Ken pointed straight at me and said there is somebody here, a man, and they get a dreadfully sore back right down in the lower part of their spine, he turned side on putting his fist in the small of his back just like I did to sort it out. Ken said 'you sir, God is going to heal you where you stand'. I felt the Holy Spirit on me, I didn't know it was the Holy Spirit at the time, but I felt this overwhelming sense of love and fear and bewilderment all at once. Heat came down through my spine. The pain left immediately. I looked at my feet because I thought I'd actually come off the ground. My hands got so hot I thought something was wrong. I was freaked out. My back was healed, just as Ken said, right where I stood. Later that night I gave my life to Christ and so did Joy.

Pastor Greg.


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