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The tumor was identified when I failed an eyesight test. The young optician thought I might have had a stroke and suggested I went to see my GP as soon as possible. I did and she quickly dismissed the idea of a stroke but said 'I think there might be something else at play here. I want you to have a brain scan'. That got me going...

I attended church on the following Sunday really wanted some prayer. When praying, the phrase 'I am the master surgeon' was given. From that day until the day of the operation I was flooded, completely saturated, in God's peace. I have never experienced anything like it in all of my life. I called it my peace bubble because I felt that peace was inside me and flowing through me and all around me and with that tremendous peace also came faith because I was absolutely convinced I had heard from the master surgeon. God himself was on my case and He was going to heal me.

However, the scan revealed that I had a tumour in my brain the size of a tennis ball. It was mammoth on the screen when we saw it and required surgery. However, my peace and my faith seemed to increase. It didn't deter me in the slightest bit. It was a 7-hour operation with 5 surgeons. Afterwards one of the surgeons said to my husband 'we are really pleased with how the operation went and we feel we have got all the tumour out'. We expected nothing less after all the master surgeon was in charge. They sent me home a week later with so many painkillers you could sink a battleship and I took one look at all of that and I thought boy I must be going to be really in for something but from that day to this day I have not had one headache! I have had no tenderness or sensitivity at the back of my head, not one minute of discomfort in the whole time.

I had completely painless recovery. A few days later I had to go to the GP to have the staples taken out. Her exact words were 'oh my, very skillful' I said thank you master surgeon. Then the nurse took the staples out of the back of my head and she said 'you know older people tend to heal slower than younger ones but I'm amazed the wound has healed so well I can hardly even see the scar'. Again thank you master surgeon. Margaret


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