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For the longest time our 7yr old son would get angry every time we talked about rainbows. But we never worked out why. One day when there was a particularly beautiful rainbow in the sky directly in front of the car, he got so upset. He kept saying that he couldn't see it. We just kept pointing out the direction and getting frustrated ourselves. Eventually he got so upset he admitted that he had never actually seen a rainbow. We went home and downloaded a colour blindness app and tested his eyes. He failed badly. He couldn't see hardly any of the colours. It certainly would explain some of his outfit choices!! We prayed for him over a period of a month as a family. We wanted him to experience God's creation in all its glory. After a month we just forgot about it. Then one day after a storm, he came running into the house nearly in tears. He was excited yelling that he could see a rainbow! I immediately sat him down and redid the eye test. This time he passed. The look on his face when he realized God had healed him is the best thing I have ever seen. Sarah, Sav and wee Alex

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