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Like a good Kiwi bloke I saw the benefit of speights beer from 14 years old. In my defense I only drunk when I was happy or sad or stressed or relaxed. It got to a bottle of wine a day and some single malt whiskey. It was becoming a problem for me and my wife Rebecca. Over time it got on top of me and I just really didn't know how it would end. It was a bit of a worry but like a good Kiwi bloke I ignored it and thought it would probably go away when I pass away. About 3 years ago I was at home during the day in the kitchen cooking with some worship music on and I was praying and worshiping and dancing a bit. I just felt the holy spirit come upon me or something happened. I can't really explain it to be fair. I wept and I wept and I wept some more and something happened and I didn't really know what. That day I didn't drink and the following day I didn't and I haven't for the last 3 years. What had happened was that the desire had left me. I still buy a bottle of wine for Rebecca but the amazing thing is that the desire to drink alcohol has just gone. God has delivered me of alcohol and its just really amazing and I feel so grateful and thankful and I think Rebecca is too. Matt


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