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June 2018 - My story is that for the last number of years, I have had quite severe pain in my body caused by a narrowing of the spinal cord in my neck, and where the nerve bundle goes through. And it will agitate the nerves and graze on them and cause pain throughout my body – through the narrowing of the bone. It was in my C5 – C6 vertebrae region of my neck. The pain was immense, and I could not cope even with pain tablets. The specialists and doctors put me on quite heavy pain tablets I had to take morning and night. I also had drugs to work against the inflammation of the nerves, to calm them down, so that they did not get into the loop of causing pain. I did not sleep well – only an average of 3-4hrs a night – which was not deep sleep. I became grumpy with people around me. It affected my work and relationships…

But when God walks into a situations and he changes things in your life – it’s amazing and you cannot keep quiet about it. A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference in Hanmer for Pastors and leaders (co-ordinated by Oxford Baptist), where there is just worship and we let the Holy Spirit flow and work in people’s lives – rejuvenate us and give us energy to continue in our ministry. During this time, there was a call for prayer for healing…I listened to the call – is this for me? Lord, do you want me to come forward? Our senior pastor behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said go forward – this is for you to go up…you need to go up. I felt, this is God’s timing in my life to touch me. I had this expectation, this excitement on the inside. It says in the Book of James – let the elders anoint you and pray for you to be healed….and I stood on that scripture. Lord today is the day I want to stand on it that scripture. I trust and believe you are a living God, you love me, want to heal me and change things in my life. To cut a long story short, they prayed for me, laid hands on me…I went back to my seat and I did not feel any change immediately. I was still under the sedation of some serious pain killers. That night I said, Lord I believe the work is done in my life. I am not going to take any of the painkillers that I should be taking. I went to bed, I woke up in the morning and I was absolutely pain free – I did not feel a thing! God is so good. When he walks into our life, he changes things, your life cannot be the same when He walks into your life.

Jan De Lange, Pastor Rangiora Baptist Church.

Postscript: I was booked for surgery, and so I carried on and kept the surgeons appointment. They took further scans and when the surgeon discussed the results with me, he said they must have the wrong scans, as the one I am looking at here is the neck of a 40-year-old. And the scans taken previously of my neck are the scans of an 80-year-old neck. Obviously something is wrong. I shared with him my testimony. He was a bit surprised to hear that prayer made the difference. No surgery was necessary! Six months on my neck is fine.

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