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God is good! I had been dealing with pain through my shoulder that would wake me at night, ache whenever I was trying to relax and stop me from doing activities I love, on and off for years. I had been promised by God that healing would come but I needed to be patient. God started a work in my life bringing break through and deliverance from things I didn't realise had a hold on me. Then one night at prayer meeting someone had a word of knowledge about shoulder pain. I put my hand up with one other friend and we both received prayer. My friend received total healing and I was set free of a couple of spirits and my arm shot back behind me, my shoulder popped and there was instant relief!! Letting the Holy Spirit manifest released all of the pressure that was built up in my shoulder. I have not had issues with it to that extent again and if it ever starts to ache a little I claim that healing and it always improves. No matter how big or small your issue is, God has a way to go deeper and bring more freedom than what you ever expect. Tammy


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