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One day I had a massive crash on my scooter. I wrecked my face including my teeth. I chipped one tooth and cracked the other. They were booth loose. I had to leave school and go to the dentist. The dentist checked my teeth and took x-rays of it and said he would have to do a root canal on both my front teeth, or at worst they would need to be removed. I was not looking forward to it. At church the next day everyone prayed that it would be healed. I went back to the dentist not long after that for a check up. He checked my teeth again with a confused look. He then said..........THERE IS NO CRACK. I went back and told everyone what God had done. Teeth cannot actually heal on their own. Its now been over a year and I have not had any pain, and my teeth have not required any dentist work. Ariana.


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