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From a baby Lilly had eczema caused by food allergies. No one could sleep as her mum had to hold her hands to prevent Lilly scratching and that woke everyone up. When she was about 2 years old her mum took her for prayer. Greg fetched her dad as it is powerful when parents are in agreement. Greg prayed for Lilly and had a word that encouraged the whole family. Lilly's mum then dreamed she was at the front of the church praying for Lilly and crying. The next Sunday her mum took Lilly to the front of the church for prayer (just like the dream). People prayed for Lilly and in the week following the eczema dried up and underneath was white skin which gradually blended to Lilly's normal skin colour. At the same time that the eczema was healed all the food allergies were healed. This has changed Lilly’s life and our family life dramatically. Theresa.


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